We make data
impossible to ignore

Turn your data into action. Simple, timely, meaningful.

Start a talent

Pulse HR is the easiest way to drive up HR engagement with your senior team.

Gamify sales data
Shift performance

Pulse Sales provides deep, actionable insight into sales patterns at the touch of a button.


Beautiful, timely data
Built to simplify your day job


Helping companies drive value from big data investment


Software as a Service no big capex spend


Totally secure and trusted by FTSE 100 companies

Pulse HR

Born to start a Talent Revolution

What is Pulse HR?

Pulse HR puts HR at the forefront of innovation with an interactive, mobile application that gives you instant access to your talent data wherever you are. It works with your existing data, whether this is in a spreadsheet or a business grade HR solution, showing meaningful patterns and insights that drive action. Talent conversations with your top table can now be a part of everyday life.

Why Pulse HR?

  • Drive up senior engagement around Talent plans

  • Digitised insights to quickly spot talent trends & gaps

  • 50% reduction in talent cycle prep time

  • HR at the helm of the innovation mandate.

Short Term Coverage

Time in Position

Pulse Sales

Data drives performance: Up your game

What is Pulse Sales?

Pulse Sales brings together your two greatest assets, your people and your data. You already have plenty of data, now put the important bits in the pockets and at the finger tips of your sales force and create a shift in performance. Our mobile app works by converting traditionally hard to navigate volunious sales data into an intuitive picture of how teams and divisions are performing. Individuals can also see hope they are tracking against their own incentive plan.

Why Pulse Sales?

  • Helicopter view of daily/weekly sales with drill-down

  • Compare sales against forecast or same time last year

  • Gamify sales data to drive competition

  • Recognise your mavericks and high performers are at the touch of a button.

Daily Store sales vs average


Store type average: 3405€

Weekly Regional sales vs average


Region average: 170k €

Weekly Regional sales vs forecast


Region forecast: 240k €

Pulse Visual

We turn data into action with our interactive HR and Sales tools. Meaningful insights at the touch of a button. Trusted by FTSE 100 companies and start-ups, Pulse Visual makes data impossible to ignore.

Services & solutions

We offer a selection of industry and business process focused corporate apps which bring a new level of technology consumerisation to the corporate environment.

From driving important HR Talent decisions for the future health of the company or increasing the performance of retail networks through gamification and behavioural nudges, our apps bring your data to life.

As well as our suite of apps delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) we also design and build bespoke apps to solve some of our customers unique challenges.

How we work with you

We love technology and using it to make people's day job simpler, easier and more productive. Experienced in process re-engineering across all departments from small to global companies, we understand technology but crucially how it must work in the real world to be useful.

Our proven solutions are flexible to set-up allowing fast implementation with limited effort on your part. Our business process and technical teams do the heavy lifting. You provide the data and we do the rest. This is how Software as a Service should be, no big internal IT projects!

One of our experienced project managers will oversee the work to completion, guiding you in person every step of the way.


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