What is Pulse TALENT

Used by top FTSE & Forbes companies, the Pulse TALENT app enables senior business leaders to own the development, progression and succession of their teams. All from their mobile device, in one place and with them always. The Pulse TALENT SaaS platform gives HR the control they need over your existing and supplemental data. Modernise your Talent Management software.

Why Pulse TALENT

  • C-suite and business leaders own senior executive development planning
  • Line leaders view their top people through lenses: performance; potential; succession; diversity
  • Data in their hands so they can focus on more meaningful conversations
  • Fully customisable for your business and people
  • HR deliver digital business tools and a 50% reduction in talent cycle prep time
  • No Capex – SaaS solution. Integrates with SuccessFactors, Workday and others.

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Digitised Succession insights

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Digitised Succession insights


We turn data into action with our interactive Pulse Talent app. Talent Management software never looked so good. Meaningful insights at the touch of a button. Trusted by FTSE 100 companies and start-ups, Pulse Visual makes data impossible to ignore.

Pulse Visual planning session


Having worked with some of the largest global brands to design and implement talent processes using big name HR software, we realised something was missing.

While big IT does a great job of collecting data it ties Talent teams’ hands behind their backs. They often can’t give their business users direct access to data and where they can the experience is clunky. The only option is to download data to excel and invest a lot of time and energy to create off-line insecure materials that immediately go out of date.

The impact is that business leaders are disconnected from the talent data and succession planning for their own teams; due to the effort involved good talent conversations only happen once a year; HR spend a lot of valuable time crunching data in excel preventing them from facilitating frequent and high quality talent conversations that are proven to develop, nurture and retain future leaders.

This is why we built Pulse Talent.


We have partnered extensively with Global Heads of Talent Management backed with over 20 years of business process transformation experience. We also love technology and believe it should make people’s day job simpler, easier and more productive.

With a deep understanding of Talent processes, challenges and potential to transform, our proven solutions are flexible to set-up and allow fast implementation with limited effort on your part. Our business process and technical teams do the heavy lifting. You provide the data and we do the rest. This is how Software as a Service should be, no big internal IT projects!

One of our experienced project managers will oversee the work to completion, guiding you in person every step of the way.

Pulse Visual project manager