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Pulse HR

Born to start a Talent Revolution

Whether you are just getting started or have established, mature HR processes, our powerful app will put you in the lead for Talent Management

  • Drive HR conversation, engagement and action with your senior team at the touch of a button

  • Built to simplify the lives of HR professionals

  • Creates simple, beautiful, timely data without the hassle of logging into complex corporate HR tools

  • PulseHR is totally secure and can be integrated with your existing HR systems and tools (eg. SuccessFactors)

  • Delivered as a software as a service, so there is no big Capex spend or on-going internal support.

A robust talent & succession process and plan is a key component of high-performing companies. However, to be fully effective the senior team must understand and be familiar with it. This data is often scattered across a variety of hard to navigate systems, tools and spreadsheets which means not only do senior leaders not access it regularly but also a lot of work for HR professionals to get ready for an annual talent conversation.

Our app means the latest data is always available, at the touch of a button on your mobile device.

Pulse HR makes talent conversations become a part of everyday life.

Short Term Coverage

Time in Position

Pulse Sales

Data drives performance: Up your game

You have big data, now put the important bits in the pockets and at the finger tips of your sales force and create a shift in performance.

  • Our intuitive app gives you deep, actionable insight into sales patterns

  • Data should be relevant, engaging and beautiful. Made useful to the entire Sales organisation

  • Creates simple, beautiful, timely data without the hassle of logging into complex CRM systems or multiple spreadsheets

  • Shows you who your mavericks and high performers are at the touch of a button

  • Technology should not be hard work, it should make life simpler.

Business has shifted to a world run on data. The most successful companies bring together their two greatest assets, data and their Sales people.

Pulse Sales creates a salesforce more informed and more powerful than it has ever been before with the information they need in their pockets to motivate and monitor their performance.

Pulse Sales gamifies sales data to nudge competitive people to deliver greater results.

Daily Store sales vs average


Store type average: 3405€

Weekly Regional sales vs average


Region average: 170k €

Weekly Regional sales vs forecast


Region forecast: 240k €

Pulse Visual

Services & solutions

Your data beautifully and meaningfully brought to life.

We offer a selection of industry and business process focused corporate apps which bring a new level of technology consumerisation to the corporate environment.

From driving important HR Talent decision for the future health of the company or increasing the performance of retail networks through gamification and behavioural nudges, our apps bring your data to life.

We love technology and using it to make people's day job simpler, easier and more productive. With lots of experience in process re-engineering across all departments of small and global companies, we not only do we understand technology but crucially how it must work in the real world to be useful.

As well as our suite of apps delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) we also design and build bespoke apps to solve some of our customers unique challenges.

How we work with you

We have proved that by working closely with our customers from start to finish, together we always achieve excellent results. Our collaborative approach and open dialogue throughout means that you get what you want, need and are expecting.

Our solutions are well proven and flexible to set-up allowing fast implementation with limited effort on your part. Our business process and technical teams do the heavy lifting so all you need to do is provide the data and let us do the rest. This is how the Software as a Service world should be, rather than turning into a big internal IT project that nobody wanted.

We will assign one of our experienced project managers to oversee the work to completion, guiding you every step of the way to a successful outcome for you, your team, department and company.

For bespoke projects, our method of working is iterative meaning that we will always check back and review with you as we progress. This means that our work is constantly being steered in the right direction by both us and you. As a result we always arrive together at the correct destination on time!

We can arrange a conversation with an existing customer as part of any contracting conversations we have.


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