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This portal like the majority of internet portals uses first & third party cookies so that users of this web page have a better internet experience. Information about what are cookies, type of cookies used in this portal & how to deactivate in your browser, follows. If you don’t find the specific information you are looking for, please send an email to

Cookies are small data files which some platforms, like web pages, can download and install in your computer, and mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or smart TV. Functions can have different characteristics: collect information about your browsing preferences, collect statistical information, allow technical functions etc. Sometimes, cookies are used to store basic information about user habits or their computer, including sometimes remembering users.

You can find out more about cookies in the following link:

Cookies are useful for various reasons. From a technical point of view, they allow web pages to function easier and adapt to your preferences, like; for example, remember the language you browse in. Also, they help those responsible for web pages to improve the services they offer, thanks to the statistical information collected.

When you accessed this web page, you were presented with a message that notified you of the use of cookies on this web page. We had to use a cookie to display that message.

The cookies used in this portal are our cookies and those of third parties with technical purposes to improve user experience in this portal, and to share social media content. All the information stored by the cookies in our portal are used exclusively by us with the exception of Google Tag Manager.

Cookies used:
1. -Google Tag Manager Cookies
These cookies store anonymous information for example, about how the service is used and how and what tags are deployed. Google may use this data to improve, maintain, protect and develop services. Google will not share this data with any other Google product without your consent.

The information collected is transmitted to Google, Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States, in its servers in the United States, in line with its privacy policy:

2.-Social network cookies
We provide links to pages that we have in social networks (Twitter). In order for these sites to function, if you access them, third-party cookies (from social networks) will also installed for technical, analytical and advertising purposes.

Nevertheless we have absolutely no control over these cookies.

There are 3 types:

  • Technical cookies necessary to access the information that we share in social networks.
  • Analytical cookies as the vast majority of social networks use analytical tools to collect information about how users use social networks.
  • Publicity cookies, as the vast majority of social networks use publicity cookies to display personalized information and ads according to your preferences.

You can consult the cookie policies of these social networks in the following links: Twitter:

If you eliminate social network cookies you can still browse our portal normally but you may not be able to use some of the functions offered (e.g., share information, etc.).

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your device via the configuration options in your browser. If you wish to block cookies some services that you need may not be available. Eliminating analytical and social network cookies (except technical ones) will not prevent you from using any of the services on our portal.

In browsers:
You can eliminate them via the configuration option in your browser which will prevent the installation of cookies. You should follow the following instructions in accordance with the browser used by you.

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