Digitised succession planning


The talent landscape is changing

Talent and how it moves in the market place is shifting, with 93% of CEOs* recognising they need to change their Talent strategy. It has become essential for HR to move beyond the conventional norms of its key processes and innovate. The Top Table expects an engaging consumer-like Talent Management experience with insights that drive agile business decisions. (*Source: PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey)

With Pulse Talent, the business owns senior executive development planning.

What do you get with Pulse TALENT?

  • Simple, beautiful, timely data without the hassle of logging into complex tools.
  • Comfort that your data is protected with secure end-to-end AES256 encryption.
  • Full integration with your existing HR systems and tools (eg. SuccessFactors).
  • Delivered as a software as a service – no big Capex spend.
Digitised Succession Planning

Who is it for?

Whether you are just getting started or have established, mature HR processes, Pulse TALENT will put you in the lead for Talent Management. Used by FTSE 100 companies and also smaller start-up businesses, we help companies of all sizes drive action around the people agenda.

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Why it matters?

  • A robust talent & succession process and plan is a key component of high-performing companies. For it to be fully effective, the senior team must be fully engaged in it.
  • HR and Talent data is often scattered across a variety of hard to navigate systems, tools and spreadsheets which means not only do senior leaders not access it regularly but it is also a lot of work for HR professionals to get ready for an annual talent conversation.
  • Our app means the latest data is always available, in one place and at the touch of a button on your mobile device. Pulse TALENT makes talent conversations become a part of everyday life.

Short Term Coverage

Digitised Succession insights

Time in Position

Digitised Succession insights

How will you use it?

Digitised Succession Planning

For your senior leaders and HR professionals, our modern and intuitive mobile app puts the most important talent data in their hands. Senior professionals no longer have to log into desk-bound corporate computer systems to access key information about their people and the critical positions requiring digitised succession planning. Leaders get to know who the next generation of leaders are likely to be and ensure that the future of their organisation is being planned for.

For HR Talent Leads, we deliver and end to end solution that cuts out the need to manually extract profile and succession plan data to present in powerpoint every-time a leader needs a snapshot or for an annual talent cycle. Distribute talent meeting pre-read and run the meeting using the App to take the talent review off paper and into the 21st century.

Our Pulse TALENT SaaS online portal gives Talent Leads total control and all digitally secured with bank grade encryption paired with industry standard SSL transmission techniques and encryption of data at rest to exceed the requirements of our customers’ IT experts.

What’s inside?

Our App contains the following modules to keep the talent conversation moving all year round. The Starter and Advanced packages enable you to match where you are on your talent journey. Upgrading is easy when you are ready to take the step.

Starter Advanced Bespoke
Tailored for your company and to envolve with your HR processes

Let’s work together

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EMPLOYEE PROFILE Employee bio; Org. attributes; career history; performance & potential history; Succession nominations; Development actions; Compensation
PERFORMANCE CURVE View a performance distribution or your own business’ representation of employee performance metrics
TALENTS INSIGHTS View your people and plans through performance, potential, diversity and other lenses
POTENTIAL GRID Spot gaps, trends while slicing and dicing a grid view of your people
SUCCESSION PLANS View plan cards; assess coverage; discover individual plans; jump straight to profiles
PAPERLESS SHARING Securely share pre-read, scorecards, metrics through paperless distribution of content

Some of our customers require a more bespoke solution and if this also applies to you, we will work together to find the right package for you and your teams.


Today Pulse TALENT helps the senior executives of our FTSE10 client take control of their top team data and act on critical succession planning gaps.

Key decision makers now have an up to date view of their teams all year round, spotting succession gaps early and raising the profiles of their next generation of leaders.

Pulse TALENT takes the complexity out of annual talent review meeting cycles, reducing the workload on Talent & HR teams to manipulate and present large quantities of data. Discussions move from the large paper documents of yesterday and digitised by our app.

Following use by their c-suite, the decision was quickly taken to deploy Pulse TALENT to the top 100 leaders globally and plug into their core HR systems for nightly updates. Digitised succession planning and talent data at their fingertips.

HR is now leading the pack in the digital transformation agenda, from the very top of the company.