Business has undoubtedly shifted to a world run on data. The most successful companies bring together their two greatest assets, their Sales people and their data. It is essential that the salesforce are given the modern tools they deserve and need to be better informed and motivated than ever before.

What do you get with PULSE SALES?

  • Simple, beautiful, timely data without the hassle of logging into complex tools.
  • Comfort that your data is protected with secure end-to-end AES256 encryption.
  • Full integration with your existing HR systems and tools (eg. SuccessFactors).
  • Delivered as a software as a service – no big Capex spend.
Pulse Sales on tablet

Who is it for?

No matter where you are with your sales targets, Pulse Sales will up your game and shift performance. Used by large and medium organisations, we help companies of all sizes gamify their sales data, unlocking its power, to monitor and motivate on a daily basis.

Why it matters?

  • Sales targets, forecasts and performance against them guide both an individual’s compensation but also the financial well-being of the entire organisation.
  • Sales and compensation data is often scattered across a variety of hard to navigate systems, tools and spreadsheets which means not only do senior sales leaders not access it regularly but it is also a lot of work for sales support and individual sales professionals to get at it.
  • Our app means the latest data is always available, in one place and at the touch of a button on your mobile device.
  • Pulse Sales gamifies sales data to deliver greater results.

Daily Store sales vs average


Store type average: 3405€

Weekly Regional sales vs average


Region average: 170k €

Weekly Regional sales vs forecast


Region forecast: 240k €

How will you use it?

Pulse Sales on mobile

For your National and Regional Sales Directors they get an easy to navigate App presenting their sales data in a form that is easy to drill into and in which high/low performers are drawn out into focus. Context is added via graphical comparison to targets/forecasts and averages for a meaningful group or comparable teams/stores. The impact of external forces are pulled in automatically such as market relevant events or environmental conditions. Recognising of great performance is quick, easy and visible to all for real impact.

For your Individual Sales Professional they get the ability to see how there are tracking against their individual incentive targets and how this contribuites to their team and region. They also more easily see what is going on for neigbouring teams and regions for a better understanding of overall company performance. Deep, actionable insight into sales patterns for the entire Sales organisation.

What’s inside?

Our App contains the following modules to keep the talent conversation moving all year round. The Starter and Advanced packages enable you to match where you are on your talent journey. Upgrading is easy when you are ready to take the step.

Starter Advanced Bespoke
Tailored for your company and to envolve with your sales processes

Let’s work together

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GLOBAL DASHBOARD Overall company performance; Department/ Team contribution; Top performers rankings
MAP DRILL DOWN Gaps highlighted to enable intuitive drill down to the data thrath matters
TALENTS INSIGTHS Versus target / Forecast / Last year; Comparison to intelligent averages
SOCIAL NUDGES Visibily recognise high performance effortlessly and with maximum impact
EXTERNAL NEWS FEED Relevant external market & environmental data brings context
INCENTIVE TRACKING Individual performance against personal targets; contribution to team target

Some of our customers require a more bespoke solution and if this also applies to you, we will work together to find the right package for you and your teams.


A large retail organisation uses Pulse Sales to ensure that their sales people are connected to and engaged with the daily performance of not only themselves but also their wider team and organisation.

The Sales VP and Regional Directors can now drill into sales data, much faster and much easier than previously. They are focused on the areas that stand out from the norm rather than digging through reams of information.

The same data and insights are viewed by all meaning that the entire sales organisation speak the same language. The value of built-in insights are now enjoyed by all rather than those who have the time and skills to build their own in excel. Weekly stand-up sales meetings are run from the App and it even runs on a screen in the office on show for all to see.

Now Sales have their finger on the pulse.

Pulse Sales app (iPhone)